What is a pre-shot routine?

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All good golfers have a pre-shot routine. A series of movements that help them settle over the ball and get into the correct position before playing their shot. If you watch any of the professionals on TV you will see this sequence in action and how meticulously they set up to the ball on each and every shot.

So if you are going to play your best golf and lower your scores then developing  pre-shot routine is essential. In this article we will give you the principals to help you build a solid pre-shot routine and play better golf.golfer on course

The first principal is to visualise the shot. Stand behind the ball and imagine the exact shot that you want to play, right through to it landing on the fairway or green. This will help you focus on the shot in hand and take away any negative thoughts that could creep into your head.

Next we want you to step to the ball and align the clubface square to the target line. This can be done using an intermediate target like a leaf or divot. You may find it easier to line up this way instead of a target hundreds of yards away.

Align your shoulders, hips, and feet square to the target line remembering that the ball will travel along the line of your swing path and finish where the clubface was aiming at impact. Flex your knees and maintain good posture.

When you are comfortable waggle the club head a few times to ease any tension in your upper body. You are now ready to swing the clubhead back nice and smoothly and hit a great shot!

Practice your pre-shot routine at the driving range and don’t be surprised if it feels odd the first few times, you will soon get the hang of it.

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