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What is a Condor or an Ostrich in Golf?

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A male golfer finishes his swingYou may not of heard of a Condor before, it is not a common term used out on the golf course because it refers to a score of four under par … yes you did read that correctly four under par. Or a hole in one on a par-5.

I have been playing golf for over 20 years and have not witnessed a Condor so we are assuming that this type of score is only gong to be an opportunity on certain golf courses with a short downhill, dogleg, par-5 and in perfect conditions. However, with todays equipment enabling golfers to hit the ball longer and longer we are sure that before long we will see the PGA professionals reaching the green on Par-5’s off the tee!

I have also recently heard the term ‘Ostrich’ this refers to a score of 5 under par. This is the rarest of scores in golf as this would mean a hole in one on a par-6, something that you do not see on many golf courses.

So now you know, if anyone asks you ‘What’s a Condor? or What’s an Ostrich? you can answer them confidently. Or you may want to test the knowledge of your golfing buddies know this weekend.

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