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What are the odds of a hole in one?

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There are approximately one hundred and fifty thousand (150,000) holes-in-one per year around the Golfer happy with his shotworld,  and all golfers at one time or another have stood on the tee and have hit a shot that is tracking right online to the flag stick. We hold our breath as the ball lands and rolls to the hole thinking this could be the one where we ace the hole. But what are the chances of making a hole-in-one? GT has been looking at the odds of this great achievement to see how we fare.

Let’s start by looking at the odds for the professional golfer. The pro’s chances of hitting a hole-in-one are around two thousand five hundred to one (2,500 – 1). So what about us mere amateurs? Well, the low handicappers odds of an ace are around five thousand to one (5,000 – 1) and the odds climb even further for the higher handicapper. We are now at twelve thousand five hundred to one (12,500 – 1). These statistics are for many of us a once in a lifetime event.

However if you are lucky enough to get a hole-in-one then the good news is that your chances of making another are increased. Statistics show that those lucky golfers who make an ace are fourteen percent (14%) more likely to make another.

Now let’s look at club selection. Did you know that 40 percent (40%) of all holes-in-one are made with either a seven, eight or nine iron. With the most popular club being the seven iron.

Finally if you are lucky enough to get an ace then be prepared to buy everyone in the clubhouse a round of drinks. This is an old golfing tradition and can be an expensive celebration. You can even buy an annual insurance to cover the cost.

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