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Can I break 90 with just a set of irons?

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Many mid to high handicappers are seeking to break the elusive ninety and will try anything to write a score that starts with an eight on their card. So is it possible to break ninety with just a set of irons? In this article we discuss how to break ninety and whether leaving your woods at home really does help.

The good news is that if you are scoring in the mid nineties now then you can obviously strike the ball well. It may be just a case of managing your bad shots that’s going to take a few strokes off your round. Let’s take a minute to remember that a score of ninety on an average par seventy-two course is an eighteen handicap or bogey golf. So why can’t we play to that? It sounds so simple, three seven irons onto the green and a two putt for a bogey.

In our experience the higher handicappers amongst us usually get into trouble with the longer clubs and do not play enough to really master the driver. The result is a three off the tee, or a lost ball out-of-bounds and a couple of big numbers on the scorecard. This is then very difficult to recover from and post a good score.

So consider, are you are playing the wrong clubs off the tee? The next time you are out playing a practise round of golf with your buddies leave your driver and three wood in the car as an experiment. You will be forced to play more conservatively off the tee with more thought of how you are going to play your second and third shots. Also playing in a more controlled way will mean that your iron shots into the green will be nearer to the pin and you may have a few chances of holing a putt for a par.

So to answer the question ‘Can I break ninety with just a set of irons?’ we say a resounding yes!

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