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Course Management – What to do when your golf ball is in the trees

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If you play any parkland course there is a strong possibility that you will find yourself in the trees at some stage of your round. It’s what you do next that is the most important factor in protecting your scorecard.

In this post we discuss how course management can help you make the correct decision and save valuable strokes out on the course and why the miracle shot is not always the best option.

Male Golfer On Golf Course After Swing

There is an old saying ‘never follow a bad shot with a bad decision’. Just watch the golf professionals on TV when they get out of position. Watch what they do, and how they handle this temporary set back. Now think about your game and what you typically do. If you are like most amateurs you reach for a club and try to play the shot of a lifetime. One that curls to the left and then to the right and lands on the green six feet from the hole to a rapture of applause. Unfortunately the reality is that we seldom play this shot successfully, and it often ends costing us two or three shots. In fact our own GT statistics tell us that you are far more likely to make par chipping the ball onto the fairway and back into play than you are trying to play the miracle shot.

So next time you hit a loose shot out of position and you find yourself in the trees we want you to consider FIRST playing the ball back onto the fairway. Unless your chances of getting the ball onto the green are above eighty percent then this is the shot we recommend.

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