Braving the elements, the importance of wearing layers out on the golf course

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An important element to playing golf is wearing the correct attire. The weather is unpredictable and during the summer months you may feel wearing a polo shirt is OK but how many times have you been caught out during a round by a downpour? Similarly, during the colder months you may get warm due to your body temperatures rising through effort or the sun making an appearance.
In this post we will be discussing a clothing layer system and giving some Golftalk recommendations of golf wear that may work for you.

The average round of golf can be 4-5 hours long and the weather can change dramatically during this time, therefore to help give optimum performance a multi-layer system is needed – these being the base layer, warm layer and the top layer, to ensure you are dry and comfortable with the flexibility to swing the club.

The base layers are manufactured using lycra blends which allows the skin to breathe and wicks the sweat away from the body keeping you dry, they are worn under a shirt and allow your muscles to remain warm from the first shot.

The middle layer is usually polo shirts and sweaters, which should be kept light and flexible so they do not disrupt your game but allow the freedom of movement, there is no point wearing a very heavy jumper in the winter when you cannot play properly within it, it would be best to look at other light layers you could wear instead, for example, base layer, t-shirt, polo shirt and then a light sweater – all to be taken off or added as required.

Finally, the top layer is waterproofs – which are nowadays made from light weight Gore-tex materials which again allow the flow of air under them which means you do not sweat and feel uncomfortable during your game. The waterproofs can be an all in one suit or trousers and jacket, which can be easily removed for comfort. You will normally find these pieces of clothing very light and can be folded quite small which allows them to be stored within the pockets of your golf bag ready for use when needed but will not add a lot of weight to be carried.

There are many manufacturers of these types of clothing however, it is important to check the materials before the purchase the items. Some waterproofs are only showerproof which can be a bit of a shock when the rain starts!

Also, some of the materials within the base layers may be made of materials which are not so effective in allowing the skin to breathe and can hold the sweat which can allow you to feel cold and wet – not good when the winds blowing.

It may seem expensive buying the better quality products but they are usually longer lasting and more effective, allowing you to have a more enjoyable round of golf.

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