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Bored of the driving range? Try these drills to spice up your practice sessions

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If you feel that your practice sessions are becoming boring and you are looking for a way to spice up your routine then these fun practice drills may be the answer …

GolfballTo improve you pitching then why not try ‘Different club same distance’ this is a fun game that can be used as a warm up drill before your monthly medal or with a friend on the practice ground. Pick a marker around 150 yards away and hit 10 balls with your 150 yard club. Next work your way through your bag up to your longest iron or even a 5 wood. You can work your way back through your irons to your 150 yards club again. This is a great drill for sharpening your iron play and hitting greens in regulation.

Another good drill to help you chip the ball near the hole is ‘9 ball pick up’. Here you select a hole on the chipping green and take 9 balls. Chip 3 with a lob wedge, 3 with a pitching wedge, and 3 with an 8 iron. The objective is to get all 9 balls up and down with each club. When you can get all the balls up and down then select another three clubs in your bag. Considering that most mid-handicappers hit an average 3 greens in regulation a good chipping technique is essential for lower scores. This drill can have a dramatic effect on your overall score and maybe your handicap.

When you can’t get to the practice tee then why not utilise your umbrella as a chipping / pitching net. Open up your umbrella and lay it on the ground approximately 20 – 30 feet away and see how many balls you can chip into your umbrella. This is a good drill for in the back yard or on the beach. Try to beat your score on each go. When you count your scores you will take your practice more seriously and your game will improve

Finally use the putting green to keep a score of your putts as if you were playing 18 greens. Work through all the holes on the putting green from 1 to 18. Two putts are a par, one putt a birdie, etc. The objective of the game is to finish all eighteen holes under par. This game works particularly well with your buddies and can get very competitive.

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