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What is a Texas Scramble in golf

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There are many games within golf that we can play from the traditional stroke play where we play against the par of the course. To medal play where we compete against each other. In this post we will take a look at the format of Texas Scramble and explain what it is, how you score and wGolfhy it is such a fun game to play.

Let us start with the answer to the question in the title. What is a Texas Scramble?

A Texas Scramble is a four person team event where each member of the team plays his or her own ball from tee to green. Each player will hit their tee shot and then as a team you will all decide on the best shot out of the four and all play your ball from that spot. The person who’s tee shot was chosen marks their ball and plays their shot. The rest of the team will then drop a ball within six inches of the marker and all play their shots on to the green assuming this is a par four. Once on the green the process is repeated with the team deciding the best putt with the most chance of holing it. The player who’s shot is chosen will mark their ball and putt first. Assuming that they do not hole the putt they will mark their ball and the team will then all have a chance of holing the putt. You then move onto the next hole and the process is repeated throughout all eighteen holes. Because your team is getting four chances at each shot this is usually a low scoring competition with ten or twelve birdies per team not uncommon.

In some competitions their maybe some local rules to this format. A common one is the number of drives each player has to take. For example, the local rule could be that each player has to take four drives each. This is usually to try and even out the field and make the game more competitive. We have also played a local rule where each team is given an an orange or yellow ball to play. Each team member must play the ball tee to green and then pass onto the next player in the team. The objective is not to loose the orange ball and the team that returns it at the end of the competition gets extra points.

To score you simply play the hole as described previously and write down your score in a ‘medal format’ you may also need to write down who’s drive you used and who had the orange ball?. The handicap for each team is usually calculated as one tenth of the combined handicap. For example if each player is a eighteen handicapper then the total handicap is seventy two and one tenth would be seven point two. You would simply deduct seven point two from your gross score to give your nett score.

This is a great game to play because it lets you contribute to the team score no matter how well you are playing on the day. By that we mean, if on the day you are not striking your irons well you may knock a few putts in as your contribution. This format will also allow you to ‘go for shots’ that you would usually not try in a monthly medal for fear of putting a big number on your scorecard. This can be exciting if you pull off the shot but not devastating if you don’t. Also this is a great format to be used on a corporate days because the round is usually quicker than a medal round and fosters team spirit.

Finally most golf competitions are a medal format throughout the season with some matchplay for the summer and winter leagues. Texas Scramble can give you another format to try which you may find breaks up the repetitiveness of your usual competitions.

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