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Our top 5 golf gadgets to help you play better golf

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We all love our golf gadgets, especially when they can help us play the game better and lower our scores. In this article we give you our top five gadgets that will help do just that.

Our first gadget is the Garmin Approach S3 GPS watch. Knowing your distances is vital to playing your very best. In fact some golf coaches estimate that a GPS device can take off as much as five strokes off your round. We know that there are many devices on the market now however we like the S3 for its style and touch screen (with gloves) functionality. The green view and digital scorecard is also pretty cool. Packed with 38,000 course, if you are looking for a GPS device then the S3 is a must.

Next is the LineFix360 .This is a tool to help you line up your putts. We know that over a third of the average mid-handicapper’s shots are played on the green. So a small improvement here can make a very dramatic difference to your overall score. The LineFix360 is a simple yet brilliant way to mark your golf ball with a line around it so that you can then position your ball and line up the hole and putter. This will give you confidence to strike the putt and concentrate on a good, true swing.

Working to get a great golf swing can seem like a never ending journey. Having the ability to see your swing is a real advantage and can speed up your progress. The Zepp Golf 3D Swing Analyser is a small device that clip onto your golf glove and connects with your iPhone or iPad. Here are just a few of the features –

  • Track club head speed, tempo, club plane, hand path, backswing position and more
  • Review and replay your swing in 360 degrees
  • Compare and share your swings with others
  • Get personalised tips, drills and coaching

When we tried this at the GT headquarters we could immediately see how this would be useful to the golfers who are working on specific aspects of their swing. For example if you are trying to keep a good tempo throughout your swing (something that we have discussed a lot recently) then the Zepp can give you the necessary feedback you need. Also the tips and drills are also very helpful.

We now seem to be taking more and more electronic devices out on the course with us, GPS devices, mobile phones etc. All of which need an emergency battery charger just in case they run out of power. We have tried many of these devices and the one that makes our list is the PowerGen 12000mAh External Battery Pack . This device will charge almost anything from an iPhone to an iPad and will extend an average mobile phone (iPhone 4 tested) for up to 70 hours. It has three USB outlets so you can charge more than one item at a time. We found this very useful for charging the Garmin S3 when we had forgotten to charge it.

Number five golf gadget is one that will help you out on the practice tee. The Voice Caddie SC100 portable golf launch monitor swing trainer. This is a small, simple and portable
device that allows you to monitor your swing speed, ball speed and distance. Here’s how it works. You simply stand the SC100 behind you on the practice tee and swing through the ball. The device will will then record your swing statistics. This is great device for managing the best use of your practice time and gaining consistency. Another cool feature is Target Mode this feature allows you to set a distance and for you to try and hit that distance consistently. Or on random the device will give you random target distances to achieve.

These gadgets have been carefully selected to help you play better golf, why not give them a try …

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Want a lower score? – Here is three quick ways to sink more putts

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If you ask any golf professional whats the quickest way to lower your score they would tell you to ‘get better at putting’. We know that for the average mid to high handicapper spends around half of their time on the greens so getting better at putting will definitely improve your score overall. In this article we would like to share with you three quick ways you can sink more putts an improve you score.

  • Practise, practise, practise. It is with putting as it is with mGolf player at the greenany things in life ‘Practise makes perfect’. The more you practise your putting stroke the better putter you will be. We would encourage you to practice a range of putts from all distances, practise putting from off the green and practise reading the green. This is a sure fire way to gain your putting confidence and get more into the hole.
  • Get into a putting routine. Watch the pro’s on TV and you will see them have the same routine after every putt, no matter what the distance or break. Having a solid routine will help you hole more putts, especially the pressure putts because you will be forced not to rush and make a bad stroke.
  • Try a new putter. As we all know golf is a game of confidence and if you are simply not holing as many as you deserve then maybe changing your putter ( or getting it re-gripped ) may have a positive effect on your confidence. Also putters are the clubs in our bag that we probably change the least, so you may be upgrading your putter to a newer technology that could help you hole with those off centred strokes.

Putting is a vital part of the game and if you are putting well then you will usually have a good round of golf and a more enjoyable time on the course.

Try these tips to improve your putting and please share any successes you have … good luck!

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