The Do’s And Don’ts Of Course Management

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We all agree that course management is a vital part of any golfers game. If you want to achieve your very best score out on the course you will definitely need to think your way through each hole and make balanced decisions throughout your round.

Here we have listed our top 5 do’s and don’ts to help you manage the course and not let the course manage you ….

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have a plan for your round? What score are you trying to achieve? And are there any holes that you will strategically drop a shot and play safe. If you are an eleven handicapper where should those eleven shots be used? Accept there is such a thing as a good bogey

Do ensure you have the correct yardages. If you do not have a Range Finder then get a yardage book from the pro shop. Try to find out the yardage to the front, middle and back of the green and the yardage to any hazards.

Do know when to take a risk and when to play safe. Try to analyse the risk and reward of each shot and if there is less than a 60% chance of you pulling the shot off then choose another option.

Do play your own game. Sometimes we can get distracted by our playing partners or fellow competitors. Focusing on your own game will help you achieve your best scores.

Do try to shape your shots. Sometimes it makes sense to take a side of the green or fairway out of play to avoid hazards or put you in the best possible place to sink a putt.

Don’t get disheartened if you do not start your round off as planned. On occasion you will get a big score on an opening hole, just remember you have plenty of golf yet to play and a couple of birdies can make up the difference.

Don’t aim a shot so that if it goes straight it will end up in trouble, likewise if you think that a hazard could be in reach then take a lesser club. There is nothing more frustrating than a perfect shot landing in a bunker!

Don’t hit a shot in a competitive round that you haven’t practiced. When you are on the practice tee try to anticipate any abnormal shots that you may have to play out on the course if you get out of position.

Don’t follow a bad shot with a bad decision. If a wayward shot is in the rough, take your medicine and get the ball back into play. A dropped shot here can be made up later in the round

Don’t forget why your are out there. It is just a game, have fun and enjoy the fresh air

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