Our essential tips on how to warm up before your round of golf

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Warming up before your round of golf is one of the most important activities you can do to prevent injuries and get your round off to the best possible start. Think about it for a moment, are there any other sports where you do not see the athletes warm up before they compete? However many golfers do not spend anytime at all stretching out before they play. In this article we give you our essential warm up exercises you can do on the course before you tee off.

The Joy of GolfThe first warm up tip is to swing two long irons in a baseball style grip or use a Weighted Club. This will gently stretch your shoulders, arms, hips and back muscles ahead of hitting any balls. We recommend spending three or four minutes starting with a quarter, then half, and then three quarter swing to stretch your muscles. The other advantage of swinging heavier clubs is it helps with your timing. We have found that the additional weight stops us from swinging the club to fast and settles us into a rhythm that we can take on the course.

Our next tip is to hold your driver across you shoulders and make your body turn, try to gently rotate a little more on each turn. Using your driver will ensure you keep your shoulders straight during the exercise. This drill will help when you are on the tee and trying to make a full back swing.

Our final warm up drill is squats. Hold a club out vertically in front of you by the handle with the clubface touching the ground. This will give you extra balance. Now aim for ten squats (or as many as you need) to warm up you leg muscles and get your heart beating a little faster.

These three warm up drills should take you no more than ten minutes to complete and will set you up to hit a few practice balls on the range and proceed to the first tee relaxed, warmed up and in good shape to play your best round yet.

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