Keeping the green in good shape, how to repair a pitch mark and more

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Keeping the green in good shape is one of the hardest tasks of the grounds team on any golf course. It takes hours of effort to maintain a good playing surface but only a few minutes of carelessness to spoil it.

In this article we will discuss what you can do to help keep the greens at your course in good condition.

When a golf ball lands on the green from a height it will leaPutting golf manve a small depression in the surface of the green known as a pitch mark. This can easily be repaired with a tee peg of a special tool designed for the job –  Pitch Mark Repairer. Simply lift the soil up from the back of the depression and then tap down flat with your putter head. Agronomy studies have shown that if a pitch mark is not repaired then it can take over 21 days to fully recover. Also look for pitch marks that may have been missed by groups in front of you.

There has been many advancements in golf shoe technology over the last few years including soft spikes. If you are still using metal spikes consider replacing with the green friendly soft spikes. The performance of these newer soft spike is equal to or if not better than the older metal spikes.

When you are on the green always place the flag down on the green, or fringe if possible. Throwing or dropping the flagstick can make a depression in the green that could spoil the putting surface for the next group behind you.

Avoid pulling trollies or driving golf buggies on the green, this also goes for the fringe area. If you are not carrying your golf bag then look for signs and pathways that the course staff have laid out for you. this will help maintain the area.

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