I want to play more golf but I don’t have time!

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It’s a very common question amongst many golfers … I want to play more golf but I do not have the time. We all seem to be busier than ever, with more demands on our time from our work and home life. So if we agree we would like to play more golf. How can we get out on the course more?

Golf Course in the AutumnWe have been discussing this very subject around the Golf Talk office and have come up with a few ideas to help you escape the office onto the fairways.

Firstly can you play in the quieter times. We find that when we tee of on a Saturday or Sunday morning then we are usually in for a five hour round. However, if we tee off later in the afternoon when the course is much quieter then this time is reduced to just over three hours. This means we can play twice over the weekend at these quieter times, and the time on the course is not that much different.

Are there any work related activities that you can do whilst out on the course?, For example if your job involves meeting customers and discussing potential deals or joint ventures could this be done on the golf course? Also does your industry have any corporate golf, supplier days etc. These days can be used as a great networking events out on the golf course.

Find a course with good clubhouse facilities and invite your family to dinner after your round. This will cut any time consuming travelling between the course and home and it may give you more quality time with your family.

Finally accept that nine holes is ok. We often think that we have to commit to eighteen holes of golf and this is certainly not the case. We get the opportunity to leave work and play nine holes of golf most nights of the week during the summer months. For us nine holes is better the no holes

Try these simple ideas and get yourself out on the course!

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