How to strike crisp middle Irons, these swing drills can help

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Every golfers ambition is to nail their driver on a long par 4 and find themselves in the centre of the fairway with a middle iron in their hands and the green invitingly in reach.

As you may have heard us say at Golf Talk on past posts the average amateur golfer scoring around 90 strokes will only hit 3 greens in regulation per round. This is partly down to where their drive finishes and partly down to their iron play. Hitting just 3 more greens in regulation could save you up to 5 strokes off your round. In this article we will discuss the importance of striking your middle irons crisp and give you some tips on how to achieve it.

One of the keys to good ball striking with a middle iron is to hit down on the ball. The clubhead is designed for you to hit the ball then turf and if done correctly you will hit the ball out of the sweet spot which is about the 5th groove on the clubface. A good drill that we recommend is to place a head cover on your target line about 7 or 8 inches behind the ball and hit a few 7 iron shots. Having a headcover on your target line will encourage a steeper swing and for you to hit the ball then ground giving you a cleaner strike. If you find yourself hitting the headcover then you would have probably hit behind the ball which could lead to a duff or thinned shot.

Another important factor in striking crips iron shots is to transfer your weight during the swing. If you do not transfer your weight and finish your swing with your weight predominately on your right side (right handed golfer) then you will almost always struggle to hit consistently good middle iron shots. This next drill will help you to get the feeling of good weight transfer in the downswing. Address the ball with both feet together and as you start your downswing step forward and shift your weight to your left side. You should finish your swing with your arms and hands high and 90% of your weight on your left foot.

Finally we want to give you one more tip to hitting crisp iron shots. Practice with half swings trying to hit a 7 iron around 100 yards. Practicing with mini swings will help you hit the ball cleaner and also help you spot any errors you may be doing. We have also found doing this drill with your left hand only at first can enhance the sensation of a crisp strike. Once you are confident hitting half shots then place both hands on the club and progress to a three quarter swing before finally moving on to your full swing.

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