Three essential tips to playing golf in the rain

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IGolfer on a Rainy Day Swigning in the Fairwayf you are going to play golf then you need to accept that on some occasions you will need to play in the rain. Many golfers see this as an impossible challenge and their golf game just falls apart when the rain starts to fall.

In this article we will give you 3 essential tips to playing well in the rain an shooting your best score in these challenging course conditions.

Firstly I want to ensure that you have the correct attire. The advancements in golf clothing over recent years has been phenomenal with the addition of Gor-tex. This is a waterproof and breathable material that will allow you to swing the club and keep dry. Invest in a good set of waterproofs and keep them in your golf bag. Here’s a jacket that we have tried and loved Gore-Tex Waterproof Golf Jacket . Also ensure you have a couple of golf towels with you. One to keep in your golf bag and one to keep on the inside of your umbrella. This will help keep you golf club grips and hands dry. A final point on trying to keep dry golf. Golf can be an expensive hobby and your waterproof kit is definitely not the area to buy cheap. Our recommendation is to buy the best you can afford.

Secondly to play your best in the rain you will need to club up. The ball will not travel as far in the rain and if the ground is soft and wet the ball will not roll as much either. Start by just taking one club more and asses the next five shots. If you are still finding yourself short of your intended distances then club up again.

Our third essential tip to playing well in the rain is to set yourself a target score for your round and be realistic. If you have watched any professional golf in bad weather the standard scratch for the day will increase. The pro’s know and accept this. They keep calm when they miss a putt or don’t hit the drive they want. Keeping your head will definitely help you keep your score together and enjoy your round of golf. Remember that your playing competitors are also facing the same conditions as you.

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