How a rescue club can save your score

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One of the most under rated clubs you could have in your bag is the rescue or utility club. These hybrid golf clubs have revolutionised the game of golf for a number of reasons that we will discuss in this article.

Look at a set of new golf clubs now and you will see that usually the long irons have been replaced with rescue clubs for the simple reason they are easier to strike consistently. The lower centre of gravity helps prevent ‘tops and scuffs’ giving more confidence to the golfer. Alsgolf shot mano with longer shafts they can reach comparable distances to a two iron. All that said these clubs come into their own when your ball is in the rough. They are able to cut through the longer grass with less twisting and grabbing of the clubhead compared to an iron. Making them much easier to hit the ball and get out of trouble, hence the name rescue
club. So how can these clubs save your score?. Think about your local course and where you drop shots. Could replacing a driver off the tee on that certain hole where you usually slice out of position make a difference to your score. Using a rescue club off the tee may give you more chance of making par. Or what about those long par threes when you try to hit a two or three iron. Could a rescue club help you in that situation also? Finally what about those chips from the fringe that can sometimes roll further from the hole than when you started. Using a rescue with your putter grip can be an effective way to get the ball close to the hole.

So if you haven’t had a chance to use a rescue club yet get one in your bag and give it a go!

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