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I’m sure you will agree playing golf in the warm sunshine is how the game should be played. This also gives the green keepers an opportunity to manicure the fairways and expose some bare lies. In this post we will teach you how to play off a tight lie so it does not cause you any problems out on the course.Golf club hitting a ball

So what do we mean by the term a tight lie? A tight lie is when the grass is cut very short or is non-existent underneath the ball which means there is a potential for the club to bounce on the hard ground slightly behind the ball and cause a topped or thinned shot.

For many golfers, when we find ourselves in this position we immediately try to help the ball in the air which only makes matters worse. Anytime we scoop at the ball the shot is less than perfect.

So how do you play this shot? Firstly club selection is important. Try to choose a club with a sharp leading edge. We are not saying that playing off a tight lie with a sand or lob wedge is impossible. However, there is a very small margin of error. The bounce of these clubs mean that it is more difficult to get the leading edge of the club face on the back of the ball.  So if you are feeling anxious over this type of shot then a pitching wedge or nine iron maybe a better choice for you.

Now that you have selected your club we need to play this shot with a steeper angle of approach. To do this place the ball a little further back in your stance and fix your eyes on the back of the ball throughout the shot. You may even want to close the clubface slightly to ensure a consistent strike. You are certainly less likely to hit behind the ball and thin a shot if the clubface is slightly closed. If you do this then don’t forget to adapt your stance and aim slightly to the right to compensate.

Finally good tempo is essential. You must not allow you swing to quicken up because of any worries you may have. Use your pre-shot routine, visualise the shot and swing with a smooth controlled action. If you take these recommendations then we are sure that you will soon build your confidence and success with a tight lie.

Try these tips and see how they improve you score and enjoyment out on the course. And don’t forget to try this type of shot when next on the practise tee.

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