Five essential tips for playing your best winter golf

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Tip no.1  – Make sure you spend a few minutes warming up to get some flexibility and prevent any injuries. A number of injuries could be prevented by simply spending a few minutes swinging two clubs and a few stretches
Tip no. 2 – Clean groves on your clubs are essential for a good strike on the ball and a true flight. A groove cleaner or an old toothbrush will do the job.
Tip no. 3 – When the ground is hard from the frost the ball can bounce anywhere especially around the green. Choose to chip around the green as much as possible. You can control the flight of the ball, but not the bounce.
Tip no. 4 – Club up, club up, club up, in winter the ball is cold and does not have the same compression as in the summer. We recommend at least one club even two clubs when the temperature is below five degrees Celsius
Tip no. 5 – Enjoy the day and don’t take the game to seriously. Remember why you are out there, get some fresh air, exercise and keep your swing going through the winter months.