Concentration, the secret weapon to lower your golf handicap

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Do have rounds of golf when you feel like you are striking the ball well and playing with a sensible amount of course management. Yet you are not getting the results you deserve and your handicap is going the wrong way?Man playing golf

Well it could be your concentration that is letting you down. Paying more attention to your concentration when out on the course may just be your secret weapon to a lower handicap. Our quick tips to keeping your concentration should help.

So how can you improve your golf concentration? In our experience having a routine over the ball is the key to a consistently. Our first tip is that you imagine a three foot circle around the ball know as the ‘strike zone’ any discussions or banter with fellow golfers is done outside of this circle. Once in the strike zone you are focused on the shot in hand. Go through your pre-shot routine and take the shot. Once the ball has landed then you can step out of the strike zone and continue your conversations with your golf buddies.

In our research golfers have a habit of loosing concentration when they are playing at either extreme of their ability. Either very well or very bad. This can become a vicious circle and you can follow a bad shot with a bad decision. Watch the professionals and you will see that they try to keep calm and deliberate at all times. This keeps their heart rate steady and helps keep their concentration out on the course. Quick tip number two, try taking some deep breaths before the shot this should help lower your heart rate and better your concentration.

Finally quick tip number three. Ensure that you have no distractions that you can avoid. Make certain you’ve had plenty to eat and drink (coffee is a stimulant and can help concentration) and you have left your mobile phone in the car or have turned it off. Keeping these distractions off the golf course will certainly help you play better golf.

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