5 easy steps to lower your handicap before you get on the course

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Can you lower your handicap before you even get on the course? Yes of course you can with these five simple steps to help prepare you for your game ahead.

  1. Get yourself in the right frame of mind, remove any distractions you may be thinking of for example work or to do lists from home. If you are feeling distracted then don’t be surprised if you do not play your very best golf. Try to keep focused on your game ahead.
  2. Get into a routine of arriving at the course early. Give yourself plenty of time to get ready for your game. My own routine is to get to the course at least 60 minutes before my tee off time. This gives me plenty of time to get set up, check in at the clubhouse and go to the practice range to hit a few balls.
  3. Go to the practice range. Don’t expect to hit one of your very best drives straight down the middle of the fairway when the last time you hit a ball was over a week ago. Hit a few balls with a PW, 7 Iron and 4 Iron, 3 wood and Driver. Aim to finish your practice with the club that you will hit your first tee shot. Don’t leave the range until you have hit a shot that you are happy with to give you confidence.
  4. Go to the putting green. For the same reasons as in point number 3. Sinking a few putts before your round will not only give you confidence but also help you get the speed of the greens. A few putts from long, medium and short distance should do.
  5. Finally have a score in mind that you want to shoot. We play more seriously when we are keeping score. Think about it how do you know what a good round is unless you have a target score that you are trying to achieve?

Follow these simple 5 step and have fun on the course!